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Welcome to the Enigami Wordplay Collaboration Clubhouse!

Check out these cool word lists.  Can you think of more examples?  Put them in a comment and we'll add them to the list!   If you've got an idea for a new list, please do tell.

We all know you can look up many of these on the internet, but that's not the point here.  Think of these as word games, not research projects.  So, see how many words you can think up.  Brainstorm.  Play with other people.  It's much more fun!

Click on a category to see its list.


Conglomerate Words

Words that can be spelled entirely as a sequence of other, unrelated words.  None of the smaller words may be a root of the larger word.  Example: rutabaga;  rut a bag a


Mathematical Misinterpretations  Phrases that can be misinterpreted (either visually or aurally) by the mathematically inclined.


Homophones with Three or More Spellings  Words which are pronounced the same but spelled in at least three ways.


Semordnilaps  Words which are other words spelled backwards.


Cutthroats  Verb-noun combination words wherein the verb acts on the noun.


Kimball Pairs  Pairs of words which have idiomatic meaning in either order. For example, "rat pack" and "pack rat". These are also called "transpograms" or "switch words".


Oddballs  Anomalies of interest that don't fit well into other categories.


Words of Many Parts  Words which can be three or more parts of speech without changing their spelling.


Alphabetically Spelled Words  Words spelled with all letters in alphabetical order.


One Letter Change--Complete Meaning Change  Words that become their own opposite when you change one letter.

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New category suggestions or anything else.  Discuss!

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