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Kimball Pairs

A Kimball Pair is two words which have idiomatic meaning in either order. For example, "rat pack" and "pack rat". These are also called "transpograms" or "switch words".

  Kimball Pair_ 

overpass / Passover 

breakwater / water break

downbeat / beat down

upbeat / beat up

low down / down low

uphold / holdup / holed up

upright / write up

run out / outrun 

outbreak / break out 

pipe stand / standpipe

windbreak / break wind

Burnside / sideburn

overdo / do over

wind down / down wind

upshot / shot up

Montrose / Rosemont  (Stops on the CTA Blue Line)

keep up/upkeep

Armstrong/strong arm


Roderick Kimball

Wren Schultz

Viveca Gardiner

Viveca Gardiner


Laura B.

Laura B.



Viveca Gardiner


Stephen O'Bent

Colin Ernst

Colin Ernst

Colin Ernst

Sam Bent


Viveca Gardiner

Roderick Kimball

New Kimball Pairs


By the way, Roderick Kimball wrote a Kimball Pairs game for NPR's Ask Me Another.

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