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Note:  These puzzles are the real-world kind.  You'll want to print them out to make them work.

Skater's Maze

This maze looks simple until you try it.

There's only one way across the grid.  Will you make it across?

Path Puzzles

Friendly Neighborhood

Can you figure out where each neighbor lives?

Economy of Motion

Grab your lucky penny!  This dough si dough will require more than common cents.

Jerry Mander

Redraw the voting districts to help the bad guy win.

Follow the rules to fill in the grid.

Number Grids

Follow the rules to fill in the grid.

Bee Here Now

Help the bees find their way around, but bee careful!  The hive is a slippery place.

Get the pawns to the other side of this crowded mini chess board.

Pawn's Puzzler

We're always innovating new challenges, so check here often for more puzzles!


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