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Anomalies of interest that just don't fit well into other categories.

Stretched, Strengths - longest one-syllable words?

Aa - shortest two-syllable word  (It's a kind of lava.)

Rotor - a palindrome you can spin!

Chai tea - thai chi  A spoonerism that makes sense both ways.  from Viveca Gardiner

The word "standard" is the letters from 1st, 2nd, 3rd with "a"s slipped in.  from Roderick Kimball

Sine is a word we abbreviate by removing one letter.  (sin --- trigonometric function)  Are there others?

Words used only when accompanied by certain other words.  So far, I've thought of "vim" and "thither".

"Bookkeeper" has three sets of double letters in a row.  Are there any other words like this?


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