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Ever think you'd like to make a puzzle of your own?  You can do it!

Enigami Puzzles & Games is ready to help.

Puzzle Makers' Toolkit


Many puzzles are based on some kind of grid.  One of the best ways to create a new type of puzzle is to print out a grid and start doodling on it.  See what happens!

⅛ inch





¼ inch




Clip Art

A simple graphic element can bring your puzzles to life.  Here are some websites selected for their variety of free art and ease of use.

Getting Started (continued from above)


Getting Started

If you're like most people, you've never made a puzzle before.  It's hard to know how to start.  COMING SOON, we'll have tips and tricks to get you going.

Anagram Maker

An anagram is a word rearranged to make another word.  For example, "silent" is an anagram for "listen".  Anagrams are part of many types of word puzzles.

Simple Crossword Puzzle Maker

You supply the words.  It makes a puzzle!

Resources for Elementary School Teachers

A whole bunch more puzzle and game resources for kids and teachers.


The puzzle collection here at Try make the same kinds of puzzles with new solutions, or let these puzzles inspire you to make your own original types.

More Inspiration

Loads of different kinds of puzzles to give you ideas for your own.

Make an Escape Room!

Brett Kuehner's collection of Escape Room design resources:

Sudoku Maker

Word Ladder Maker

A word ladder is a series of words made by changing one letter to get each new word.  Like: COLD, FOLD, FOLK, WORK, WORM, WARM

Word Finder

Find the right word or phrase from only a piece of it.

Compound words:

Word groups:

New York Times Piece on Making a Crossword Puzzle​

Part 1 - Find your Theme

Part 2 - Make a Grid

Part 3 - Fill the Grid


Part 4 - Write the Clues

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